Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular web publishing software.

You’ve probably gathered by now that we’re fanatic about WordPress: here’s why!

  • Free

    Free as in freedom, and in this case free as in beer. Anyone can head over to WordPress.org, download the software and start using it. But not everyone can build a great site, and that’s where we come in. Have a look at some of our work if you want to see what WordPress can really do.

  • Open source

    Free and Open Source Software is a thing. It’s about trust, security and very importantly, the power of collaboration. It’s increasingly rare that copyrighted, proprietary software can compete with a popular open source project in terms of innovation, resilience and cost to the end user.

  • Owned by the community

    Knowing that the future of WordPress doesn’t rest in the hands of an elite few makes us sleep easier at night.

  • Popular

    At the last count, WordPress was powering over 25% of the world’s websites. That’s an incredible phenomenon and brings a whole swathe of benefits.

  • Plays well with others

    It’s some sort of web law that most people spend most of their time on websites that aren’t yours (Facebook, Google, this doesn’t apply to you!) So websites usually benefit from connecting to other websites and services – whether that’s social media or your company’s CRM or email marketing solution.

  • Well-supported

    Software is complicated – knowing that there are millions of other people using the same software means that whether you’re a developer or an end-user, you’re going to benefit from all that collective wisdom and experience. WordPress’s documentation is the best we’ve ever seen. Need to do something new with WordPress? An easy guide is probably just a Google search away!

  • Easy to use and familiar

    One of the reasons for WordPress’ popularity is the fact it’s so accessible: that stands true from the perspective of a developer or a blogger. That popularity then creates a positive feedback loop as people strive to make it easier still to use. Moreover, if you’ve used a WordPress site before, you’ll be able to transfer all that learning to other WordPress sites too!

  • Flexible

    Some content management systems produce websites that look and feel similar. Whilst it’s certainly possible to recognise some sites as WordPress instantly, it’s also true that you can build a WordPress website to look exactly the same as any other.

WordPress great for you because it is: powerful, capable, versatile, adaptable, very well tested, extremely reliable, regularly updated, secure, great for SEO, and has less custom code.
WordPress is great for us because it is exciting, every project we do helps us build our core expertise, and every project we do benefits from years of consolidated learning. We love it because with so many websites running WordPress, there’s a stable market for our services. As WordPress’ capability and reach grow, exciting new commercial opportunities emerge for our web development agency. We’re continually inspired by others within the WordPress ecosystem.

WordPress can do that

  • eCommerce
  • Multilingual
  • Social network
  • Private areas
  • Network of sites
  • Media library
  • Web application platform

Why use WordPress?

When you look at the benefits, we think the question is why not use WordPress?

There are situations where WordPress isn’t the right fit but don’t worry, we’ll tell you if we think that’s the case for your project (it probably isn’t).

But you don’t need to take our word for it. See what Google Trends says! WordPress is in blue, shown in comparison with its primary competitors.

Google CMS trends

Click the image to see the full report, or another reference here