WordPress can save the World – WordCamp London slides and follow-up

I was privileged to get the opportunity to speak at WordCamp London on Saturday. I’ll post the edited video here too, once it’s available.

Here’s the video of the talk from WordPress.tv:

[wpvideo eRcBXwZA]

Here’s my slide deck and a few follow-up bits. It won’t make much sense without the speaker notes which you can see using the settings cog.

Honestly? I was pretty nervous about giving this talk. Even before I started it seems a few other people were apprehensive too!

But thank goodness, it seemed to go down well with most people. I am massively grateful for these kind words:

As part of the talk, I asked for examples of how WordPress is being used by decentralised organisations to promote positive change in the world (the point of my talk) – and offered a bottle of good whisky for the best example. For me, the most beautiful part of the whole experience was seeing what people cam back with.

Here are a few of the ideas:

Some fantastic examples. But for me it was the video in this tweet that was the most profound:

– Lance won that whisky.

In one of those weird coincidences, I then got the chance later to Mike, one of the guys who’d worked on the behind-the-scenes WordPress project that powers Free Burma Rangers (NSFW, distressing images) site with Paul Clark. Kudos guys, what a project.

I left London wondering if there’s already a showcase of WordPress being used to promote positive change in the world. If not, should we start one?

Anyway, food for thought.

Thank you to the organisers, volunteers, other speakers and sponsors for making WCLDN possible, and epic.

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12 responses to “WordPress can save the World – WordCamp London slides and follow-up

  1. Hi David

    Thanks again for the inspirational talk last weekend. It has certainly got us all fired up again about the potential of WordPress to do good in the world and I’ll be writing a post on our own blog about it later today.

    Regarding your question about a showcase for people using WordPress to do good, I think it is a great idea! Let us know if you intend to take the idea forward and maybe we can help.


  2. Hey David-

    It was a pretty awesome coincidence that we managed to connect at WCLND. I really enjoyed getting to share my FBR experience with you, and genuinely appreciated your sincerity and interest in how WordPress is being used in Burma.

    It is super encouraging to know that there are other like-minded developers out there- and even moreso that more and more people are learning about how WordPress can be SO MUCH more than a blogging software.

    Keep up the awesome work, I hope that we’ll be able to catch up again sometime.

    1. Thanks Mike, really appreciate your comment and yeh – small world huh?

      I’ll be telling everyone I can about FBR. Let’s hope it leads to a meaningful international reaction.

      Maybe WordPress new motto should be ‘Not just another blogging platform’? 😉

      I hope we’ll catch either other again soon too. Let me know if you’re in the UK – otherwise WordCamp Europe next year?

      1. I’ll absolutely be at WordCamp Europe next year- totally stoked!

        Let me know if you are serious about potentially brainstorming some kind of showcase, or something, around the topic of WordPress being used to promote positive change in the world.

        I’m pretty busy these days, but it’s a topic that is really important to me and I would love to help spread the word in some capacity or another.

        1. Hi Mike, thanks and looking forward to catching up again next year then!

          I’m keen on the idea of showcasing WP sites for positive change but like you, also flat out. Let me think on how I can make it happen and if I feel there’s something I can commit to, I’ll give you a shout.

          Really appreciate your comments and post. Go well.

    1. Thanks Ilona! I missed yours too – I was frantically memorising my talk. Really looking forward to picking up your talk too: I think there’s plenty to learn from you!

      See you at a WordPress thing soon I hope.

  3. Hi David,

    I’m so glad you and Mike connected and WCLND, and am happy I was able to watch your encore on WPSessions! Thanks so much for your kind words about Free Burma Rangers. They are an amazing group of people to work with!!!


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