Speed & content optimisation

I want a lightning fast site that works well on all devices

The difference between a well-optimised site and a non-optimised site can make a huge difference to the load speed of a website – and in turn its SEO and conversion performance. How many times have you hit the Back button because a site is taking too long to load? This is especially important when thinking about the growth of the mobile web, and users accessing sites on slow connections.

We build our WordPress websites following the best practices on the web and keep our ears to the ground to ensure we can advise clients on cutting-edge technologies in speed and content optimisation. Here’s a selection of some of the speed and optimisation tools and techniques we use:

  • Image compression
  • Caching – when hosting with us you’ll benefit from WP Engine’s EverCache
  • Load testing to ensure your site handles spikes in traffic after that successful social media campaign
  • Icons, fonts and CSS instead of images
  • Removing or combining unnecessary plugins and scripts

Every website our developers build is highly optimised for speed. We can also work on existing sites to speed up and optimise content.

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