WordPress Site Audit

I want someone to take a look at my site

Whether you know your website’s got a problem like slow loading, poor SEO performance or suspect security, or you just believe it could be better, we can help with a WordPress site audit.


  1. We conduct a manual review of your WordPress site(s) based on a pre-agreed list of criteria. A typical WordPress site audit covers:
    1. Security
    2. Plugins
    3. Functionality
    4. Theme (inc. design & responsiveness)
    5. Usability and user experience
    6. SEO
    7. Performance
    8. Backups
    9. Updates

    But we can tailor a WordPress audit to focus on specific areas if you prefer.

  2. A written multi-page document that records our findings and includes a conclusion and our recommendations so that the audit helps you to plan follow-up work if needed.


Our audits cost £750 per day. A typical audit takes us 1-2 days (so £750 – £1,500) but can easily take longer depending on what you need. If you’re interested in an audit, it’s always best to get in touch to chat through what you need.

Get in touch to arrange an audit of your website by our knowledgeable WordPress experts!