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I want WordPress hosting that won’t let me down

Hosting WordPress sites is very easy to do, but very hard to do well. We are a trusted partner of WP Engine, a specialist managed WordPress hosting provider and have tons of experience (check out our blog post about reaching 500 installs with WP Engine).

We offer ‘just’ WordPress hosting, which includes key benefits of WP Engine hosting:

  • Automated daily backups – WordPress uses a database to store information and your website is continuously updating that database. If you don’t keep regular, ongoing backups, you stand the chance of permanently losing data (content, form entries, etc) if anything bad happens to your site.
  • Automated security scanning – WordPress is extremely secure when hosted properly at the server operating system, web stack and WordPress configuration level. Many non-specialist hosting providers fail on all three fronts! WP Engine not only provides excellent configuration but also scans all sites automatically for potential security issues.
  • Optimised for speedy WordPress performance – page load speed has a huge impact on your site’s SEO and conversion performance. Using good WordPress hosting is a quick win compared to the difficult and time-consuming job of trying to make WordPress run quickly on cheap hosting.
  • SSL support – essential for eCommerce, SSL is a secure encrypted link between the web server and the browser. It allows for completely secure payments.

But hosting doesn’t end there. We really recommend a…

Full WordPress hosting package

  • Live website hosting – as above.
  • Maintenance – for WordPress, plugins and themes – read about our maintenance plans.
  • Support – training, bug fixes, change requests – we’re here to help you get the most out of your WordPress site. Read more here.

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Note that Pragmatic do not offer email, domain or nameserver hosting, but will gladly offer recommendations and advice. We can also provide any of these service components separately if you need us to.

WordPress hosting costs

We offer standalone WordPress hosting-only packages as follows*:

  • Up to 5K visits/mo – £100/yr
  • 5-10K visits/mo – £200/yr
  • 10-20K visits/mo – £400/yr
  • 20-50K visits/mo – £800/yr
  • 50K+ visits/mo – starting at £1,000/yr

* subject to tax (e.g. VAT in the UK) and potentially additional costs as below.

Additional costs

  • SSL certificates – we can generate these using WP Engine and re-bill at cost (current cost is $49/year).
  • Caching-bypass supplement – WooCommerce and other plugins that mean site visitors can register and login – this places a greater load on hosting because it bypasses the caching. Typically this incurs a 30% increase in hosting cost.
  • Very heavy bandwidth or storage requirements – in exceptional cases we might need to rebill some bandwidth and/or storage costs on top of your annual hosting cost.

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