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We love building professional WordPress websites that add value to organisations. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for your own site, have a look at our extensive portfolio featuring our recent work.

Most of our projects fall into one of the following approaches:


  • Discovery & definition – our proven discovery and definition process is based on years of experience working with hundreds of professional WordPress sites. We’ll help you massively increase the chances of a smooth, successful and stress-free project.
  • Design – our design team brings your organisation to life online by creating the branding, a wireframe (a visual guide of your website’s key elements), and design your new site’s key templates and site components that will help maximise your organisation’s objectives.
  • Production – we’ll build your theme either from scratch, or more commonly based on a theme framework that combines functionality and coding excellence suited to your organisation.
  • Pre go-live – this involves testing, feedback, snagging (checking for minor faults) and supporting your team with content uploading, getting your site ready for release.
  • Go-live – running through our comprehensive go-live checklist to make sure that your new site is not only live, but fully indexable by search engines.
  • Post go-live – we make sure you’ve got the support structures in place that you and your team need to have full control of your website. This includes training and conducting any post-completion handover tasks.

This option generally takes more than 10 days, plus 4 days of graphic design. >£10,500 + VAT

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Off-the-shelf with customisation

We customise an existing WordPress theme that is best suited to your organisation’s online objectives. Our customisation extends to changing the critical functionality, making template changes or adding a greater degree of design. This approach involves:

  • Setting up a child theme to allow for differential changes to be made from the parent (off-the-shelf) theme.
  • Adding functionality to reflect the objectives of the website.
  • Changing the design to communicate your business.
  • Adding custom design elements.

This option usually takes upwards of 8 days. >£6,000 + VAT

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Our off-the-shelf web build process is a streamlined and economic approach. We use off-the-shelf components to create an effective, world-class website at unbeatable value, with some options for customisation. We’ll:

  • Configure your web hosting and install WordPress.
  • Suggest which off-the-shelf WordPress theme will best suit your organisation by providing resources and guidance.
  • Review your chosen theme to ensure compatibility with business and content objectives.
  • Install and configure:
    • Your chosen off-the-shelf theme.
    • A range of carefully chosen key plugins to add or enhance functionality. This could include contact forms, SEO, Google Analytics and more.
  • Add content to your new site.
  • Provide one hour of training on your new site’s CMS to your team (in our experience this comfortably covers training requirements).

This option typically involves 4-8 days’ work depending on your project details. £3,000 – £6,000 + VAT

Contact us for a quote! is a service that provides WordPress blogs/websites on a hosted basis: i.e. users simply sign up online and start using the service. There is no web hosting cost or ongoing maintenance to worry about, though functionality and design options are constrained and cannot be extended very far. There are paid-for upgrades that will allow things like using a custom domain name ( rather than, customising the design to a certain extent and removing ads from the site.

This is a very lean and cost-effective approach, with very limited customisation options.

Pragmatic can:

  • Set up a site for you.
  • Help you to choose a suitable theme.
  • Install and configure the theme.
  • Add your content to the new site.
  • Provide one hour of training to your team on your new site’s CMS (this is plenty in most cases).

This option typically involves 2 days’ work depending on the project details. £1,500 + VAT

Typically the upgrades come to around $99/year as total ongoing annual cost.

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Unsure which service is right for you? Get in touch to discuss your project with our WordPress experts.