Discovery & definition

I want some help planning my project and drawing up a tight brief

Our proven discovery and definition process is based on years of working with hundreds of WordPress sites. We’ll help you massively increase the chances of a smooth, successful and stress-free project.

Our Founder & Director, David Lockie spoke at WooConf 2016 in Texas, Austin about our Discovery & Definition method to project planning. Click below to be taken to the video on the WooConf site.

David at WooConf


  1. Workshops
    1. A kick-off meeting with all stakeholders of your organisation to run through the entire scope of project planning at a top level. The objective is to identify any work that needs to be done before we can finalise the brief.
    2. Typically if there’s work to be done after the kick-off meeting, we’ll look to run a follow-up meeting or phone call to present back our work and playback the brief for final amends.
  2. Project brief creation – over many years, we’ve developed a project plan that once complete comprises a comprehensive project brief and working document (often backed up by wireframes and a tech spec). Your final brief will include (as necessary):
    1. Requirements documentation
    2. Project planning
    3. Feasibility & prototyping
    4. Wireframes

What to expect

The kick-off workshop can be a pretty intense process. There’s a lot of ground to cover and lots to think about. It’s face-to-face and there’s a lot of Q&As. Along the way we’ll always try to challenge your assumptions and thinking with ideas, questions or concerns based on our experience.

What to bring

If you can get these bits prepared before we start, it’ll help keep the process moving, but don’t worry if you can’t.

  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Access to Google Search Console (previously called Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Access to domain and website hosting control panels
  • Ensure all stakeholders accounted for at the kick-off meeting (either in person or via written requirements)
  • As much as you can gather in terms of:
    • Requirements (business, user)
    • Briefs (brand, design, content, functionality)
    • Expectations (budget, timescale, project management)
    • An overview of your resources (collaborators, your team’s size and abilities)


Our Discovery & Definition service costs £750 per day.

We will start with a best-guess amount of time we’ll need in our initial proposal, but by its nature, the D&D process is full of unknowns so sometimes we’ll need to ask for more time to complete the process with you. Best case scenario, it’s a half-day kick-off workshop and we manage to tick every box it will be £375, whereas some D&Ds can go on for weeks. Most usually it’s a 2-6 day process (so £1,500 – £4,500).

Contact us today on +44 (0)1273 613166 or by email to arrange our in-depth WordPress consultancy services.