Make it beautiful!

The web is a very visual medium. It’s important to make the right impression in the first few seconds that people take to spend on your website. But website design is far more than just creating a fantastic first impression, and the more the web matures, the more complicated the design requirements for a website. We provide our own web design services in Brighton in-house at Pragmatic, but occasionally we will collaborate with trusted external designers or design teams.

Our in-house design service includes:

  1. Branding – from concept to a polished identity and brand book.
  2. Wireframing – often produced as part of our discovery & definition phase of work. Wireframes are a fantastic way of capturing and communicating the interlocking content, design and functionality requirements of a website brief in a way that lets us all intuitively understand what we’re looking at.
  3. Website design – once we have a brand book and wireframes in place, the job of designing the site itself is often a case of combining those two elements. Design is a creative process, so it’s important to make sure we allow enough time for review and feedback. Wherever possible we like to design mobile-first to make your website user-friendly and fully responsive.
  4. Content assets and ongoing design – just as a website’s functionality evolves over time, and new content gets added, it’s very common for there to be an ongoing design requirement. That could be a case of helping to create graphics to illustrate new services or blog posts, or a light visual refresh from time to time to keep the site in line with current design trends.

Take a look at our design portfolio

Sound good to you? Please contact us to talk through your website design requirements (or just send your brief) so we can get back to you with an outline estimate and start designing your beautiful new website.