Why we’re right for your enterprise business

At Pragmatic, we consider ourselves an enterprise-ready UK WordPress agency. But what does it really mean for a WordPress agency to be enterprise-ready? This is what we think. It turns out there’s quite a lot to think about.

A Pragmatic approach

  • We’re business-focussed. Some agencies love to create designs, some love to code. We like to do both too, but primarily we like to make sure we’re delivering tangible business value at every stage.
  • We’re opinionated and we’re not afraid to tell you if we think you’re wrong, or that there’s a better way.
  • We value human relationships and find that projects work best where the people you’re paying are also the people doing the work. You can contract a big London agency that will then sub-contract someone like us, or you can just contract us.
  • We play well with others. Whether it’s other suppliers or your in-house team, we try to be a pleasure to work with.

The right people

  • We work in teams that provide account and project management as well as creative and production. A lot of human relationship and learning goes into a web project so we try hard to keep that understanding within a team you’ll work with time and again.
  • We want you to enjoy working with us. Sure, website projects can get gnarly, but we think one of the keys to a good outcome is for the process itself to be enjoyable and for the Pragmatic team to be a pleasure to work with. I haven’t found a problem yet that couldn’t be solved with some good communication, a pragmatic approach and some creative thinking.
  • In-house WordPress skills – we’ve got broad and deep skills – back- and front-end developers, design, UX, support, sys admin and business analysis. We don’t outsource.
  • Supportive experience – we’ve got experience with other typical enterprise software like marketing automation, CRMs and automated testing/deployment tools.
  • We invest in each other as a business, in growing a strong and capable team, in training and in enjoying our work

Expertise, capacity and capability

  • We work to WordPress coding standards
  • We understand accessibility responsibilities and practice
  • We value web standards
  • We love writing performant code
  • One of the largest non-distributed UK WordPress-specialist agencies
  • We’re responsive. If you need something doing quickly, we’ll help you to make that happen

Security awareness

  • We’ve got a security policy
  • Code security
  • Hosting security

Contribution to the WordPress project


  • We’re a WP Engine partner
  • We understand WordPress deployment cycles, testing and maintenance
  • Experienced with managed hosting environments (WP Engine particularly), also self-managed – Amazon, Linode, Rackspace

We’re constantly improving our tools, processes and systems

  • We use professional software development tools: JIRA, Agile, Service Desk, git
  • Slack
  • Google Docs

We’re professionals

  • Microsoft approved suppliers
  • WP Engine partners
  • We’re a Limited UK company
  • We’ve got proper terms of business and contracts
  • We’ve invested in business continuity planning, appropriate insurance and expert advisers

Here to support your team

  • A good WordPress site isn’t a one-off job, it’s an ongoing process
  • Ticketed service desk backed by SLA
  • 24/7 hosting support*

* Falling back to WPEngine support out-of-hours

So let’s go

So if you’re a big business in search of a specialist WordPress team; I hope I’ve done a good job of convincing you to reach out and contact us.