Pragmatic’s 2014

Wow. It’s been some year. Here it is, by the numbers!

The team

Here’s what’s happened to our permanent team – in order of it happening!

David Lockie

James Morrison

Chris Dunne

Tom Barrett

Tom Chute

Chris Hollands

Michael Bailey

James Cobbett (left for a client-side role 🙁 )

Mar Irie (now a contractor)

Angelo Giovino)

Special mentions to some of our key contractors!*

Lyndsay Lucero

James Gray

Mart Gordon

Celeste Payne

Mar Irie

Lyndsey Haskell

*Green contractors are still regularly working with us.

Bitbucket code commits over the year

A commit is created every time we do any work on a project. It could be a minor change, or a day of work.




lines added


lines deleted

Sites launched


*Actually, we don’t know exactly – but we’ve created 112 installs on WP Engine this year (we create about two per live site). Ahem, not to brag but that’s more than a site a week!

Hosting traffic

12,159,900 visits*

*Actually, we don’t know exactly – but this is extrapolated from recent stats.

We moved into our lovely new offices

You should come and visit, drink some coffee and chat WordPress!

Project management





This might seem a bit unimportant, but believe me it’s been huge. JIRA is a professional software project management platform and its transformed our ability to deliver projects.

And finally

Between us, we had three bouncing babies!




Thank you!

If you’re reading this, we’ve probably worked together in some way this year. Thank you for making 2014 a year of growth, development and excitement. We promise that next year’s going to be even bigger and better.

Image credit: Pixabay

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