Why Pragmatic?

WordPress’ popularity means that there’s a huge number of WordPress suppliers out there. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it a wild west: it’s an unregulated industry with no widely-acknowledged qualifications or accreditations. You’ll find everyone from freelancers to traditional media agencies offering WordPress websites.

Here’s why we think you should choose us.

  1. We’re WordPress specialists – we work, play and even dream in WordPress.
  2. We’re a web design and development agency: a permanent team with over 50 years of combined WordPress experience. Not a bunch of freelancers or out-sourcers.
  3. We’re in it for the long term – you need a partner that will be here over the years, sticking to their advice and helping you navigate the constantly-evolving WordPress ecosystem.
  4. Any website project is about more than writing code – we understand what it takes to get a big, complex, business-critical project shipped on-time, to-budget and to everyone’s happiness.
  5. We’re enterprise-ready and use professional software development tools, systems and processes like JIRA, agile, git, service desks, SLAs and coding standards.

Still not convinced about WordPress? Find out why it’s the pragmatic choice.

Are you a web professional looking to join a team of WordPress experts?