BuddyPress – a WordPress-powered social network

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin that takes your powered site beyond the blog with social-network features like user profiles, activity streams, user groups and more.




Geo/BuddyPress integration

Join In needed more than just user profiles, they needed to connect volunteers with clubs all around the UK. We integrated the fantastic GeoMyWP plugin, looked at how we could best use these great plugins to help Join In’s website help its visitors, then layered sophisticated but light-touch development over the top to provide a custom but robust and future-proof solution.


Multimedia blog

With support from top celebrities like Eddie Izzard, and coverage on some of the UK’s biggest websites (BBC Sport, BT Sport), it was essential that Join In’s blog really shone. The Join In team did a great job of designing a contemporary and engaging blog that helps feed their email marketing and broader content strategy. All we had to do was build it 🙂


Embeddable search widget

OK, so BuddyPress/Geo integration is advanced WordPress, but it’s still comfortably within the bounds of what WordPress does. What came next isn’t. Join In asked us to build a widget that websites can use to embed on their own sites to help their visitors find volunteering opportunities at local sport and activity clubs.

We worked with the Join In team to specify and engineer a user-customisable JavaScript widget that uses WordPress’ new JSON API to allow visitors on other websites to initiate a search on Join In. Cool! What’s even cooler is the CMS-based stats engine that gives the Join In team insight into how people are using the widget on a per-site basis.

All built in WordPress, with love (and some cool JavaScript libraries).

Join In needed to build a brand new website to connect volunteers with sports clubs near them. We didn’t need an expensive custom-built site but a flexible platform that would be easy to use. We chose Pragmatic because they rightly advised us to use WordPress and proposed to guide us through the process of creating a minimum viable product, with the view of adding to it in the future.

Pragmatic has done a great job, and they’re currently adding new exciting features to a well-loved website that has already connected many volunteers and clubs across the UK!

Emilie Fontaine – Head of Digital Data, Join In