A sophisticated WordPress web app and website for personalised gift book publishers, I Am The Greatest.


I Am The Greatest is a charity personalised gift book website where customers can list friends and family as one of the greatest 50 people in the world. The I Am The Greatest team were looking for a brand new eCommerce solution where customers could build, customise and order their book, all from the website.

A sophisticated web app

We went beyond WordPress development for this project, branching into web app development to create the personalised book editor. Customers can select a book from a selection of 17 predefined books (such as 50 Greatest Women) and then, through the book editor, can customise the book cover, a dedication and biography page containing custom photos and text. The rest of the book is pre-designed with celebrity photos and biographies in the same layout as the recipient’s page.

A simple, easy to use website

As the target market of this product is very broad, it was important that the website is user-friendly and easy to use, search and navigate. This applied to the website, the book editor and the ordering process, in order to maximise orders and charity donations – the profit of each book goes to a dedicated charity. To help assist with organic traffic, the site is fully optimised and responsive for the multitude of devices and platforms customers may use.

Integration with 3rd party printing services

Once the customer has customised their book, the customisation sections are automatically inserted into the pre-generated book as a pdf then despatched along with order details to I Am The Greatest’s local 3rd party printers via API using the Oneflow system.