A new blog for blinkbox



When blinkbox needed a blog that could draw consumer attention, we knew WordPress was a great fit

Confident, socially

Consumer blogs need to have great, engaging content and slick sharing facilities to help spread that content well beyond the site itself.

We built a custom social sharing feature based on the fantastic sharrre.com plugin to encourage sharing and social distribution of blinkbox’s fantastic content.





blinkbox‘s business is about great video content, delivered seamlessly. One fun way of exposing some of the great scenes and characters was to build an embeddable quote generator that can be dropped onto any site via iframe. We built a custom WordPress plugin to power multiple quote generators so the blinkbox team can use the same development time for any series they want a quote generator for!

  • blogger outreach
  • social sharing
  • immediate viewing
  • longer user retention

Pragmatic live up to their name. The team have worked on a couple of sites for us now and I have been very impressed by their can-do approach to what we needed, as well as their great knowledge of what could be achieved. Where we hit challenges, they found solutions, which is the best you can hope for.

Ben Ayers – Head of PR, blinkbox