We’re Bacardi’s WordPress Technology Partner!

Bacardi are the largest family-run, privately-owned spirits company in the world. They own over 200 brands and labels, with their products available in over 150 countries around the globe. As their WordPress Technology Partner we advise and consult them with everything to do with WordPress.

As Bacardi’s WordPress Technology Partner we are always on hand to provide consultancy and our full range of WordPress services – from strategic planning of new WordPress sites to supporting existing work. We migrate sites to WordPress from other platforms or content management systems, build new sites on WordPress, provide hosting and maintenance to their WordPress websites and offer WordPress security advice and services.

Building WordPress websites promoting alcohol products

We design and build sites for Bacardi that follow strict international alcohol marketing regulations. This includes installing a Legal Drinking Age Gateway splash page, where visitors enter their date of birth to confirm they’re of legal drinking age. If they enter an age below the legal drinking age, the website redirects to a drink awareness site.

Location based sites to reach a worldwide audience

Bacardi sell their products in over 150 countries around the world. With each destination having unique cultures and languages, it’s important to have location-specific sites in order to successfully market their products in these countries. We help by offering location-specific versions of their websites, making small but powerful changes to the language to appeal to specific cultures.

Global collaborations

As Bacardi’s WordPress Technology Partner, we get the opportunity to work closely with Bacardi’s in-house marketing teams around the world, and world-class design, branding and content agencies. We produce beautiful custom WordPress themes to match these exacting standards. We provide both Bacardi and their partners training on the powerful WordPress CMS in person and via phone conference calls.

Get in touch if you’re also looking for a WordPress Technology Partner to regularly consult, advise and produce anything and everything WordPress related for your brand.