Athlete’s World USA

September 1, 2015

Athlete’s World USA is a sportswear and equipment retailer who specialises in providing Team Sales for school and college sport teams across Texas and South New Mexico. They were looking to move their existing Drupal site over to WordPress because they required an updated, responsive website they could easily update themselves.

We built them a responsive bespoke WordPress theme that maintained the functionality and branding of their existing Drupal website. We then migrated their content from Drupal to WordPress to complete the move. We added new features to their website to maximise their sales. Using WooCommerce Coupons we were able to adjust shipping costs depending on where their products were dispatched to. This took into consideration if there was an offer running or if packages were being sent to individuals or schools and colleges. We also ensured that certain packages that vary in price depending on who they were sold for did not have the price publically available.

The result was a new, user-friendly, scalable WordPress website that allows Athlete’s World USA’s team to sell their products online simply and effectively.