Sean Blakeley

Sean has a passion for helping clients achieve and exceed their aims. He developed his very first website back in 1998, with inline CSS and the obligatory Flash film intro (obviously he apologises for that now).

It was 2006 when Sean first worked with WordPress, and he instantly fell in love with its simplicity and flexibility. A few brief dalliances with other CMS made him appreciate just how powerful and user-friendly WordPress is in comparison. After travelling to Central America, where he met his wife, he made the easy decision to focus exclusively on WordPress, and since developed over 50 websites before he joined our team in February 2016. Sean’s favourite feature about WordPress is how quickly and easily anyone can get a website up and running.

Before Sean developed WordPress websites, he use to work in the film industry sculpting models and sets for Hollywood Blockbusters including Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and Harry Potter II.

Sean loves spending time with his little girl, a good pint of bitter, and eating his wife’s delicious food. Occasionally, he gets to enjoy them all at once!