Romy Viflic

Romy joined us in October 2015 as a Trainee WordPress Developer and is currently learning the ropes from our Senior Web Developers. Romy has a degree in Illustration, knowledge about building websites specifically for artists, and brings experience in the Visual Arts to our team, an area she worked in for many years before joining Pragmatic.

Romy developed an interest in web development while writing a blog documenting her time in Paris, where she lived for a few months. Curious as to how she could get her blog to look and perform better, she started editing the code to create more control over the formatting. Romy has a thirst for knowledge and has been working hard teaching herself the basics through online tutorials, and attending web building conferences and workshops.

When she’s not in the office, Romy enjoys the great outdoors and a good walk in the glorious Sussex countryside, but equally likes keeping cosy at home with a good book and cup of tea on a dreary day!