Georgia Cottle

Georgia joined us to learn more about WordPress and train to become a fully-fledged developer. She works closely with many of our lead Developers, aiding and learning along the way. Introduced to Brighton through her degree in Maths and Economics at Sussex University, Georgia feels very much at home with the problem-solving world of WordPress, and is looking forward to learning more about it in one of her favourite cities.

Georgia first learnt about WordPress while working for a vintage boutique camping business, where she got her first taste of web building. Falling in love with the extensive customisation available through plugins and themes, her desire to learn more about WordPress, and the coding behind it, drove her to seek out a new career in web development.

Outside of work Georgia loves the music scene, going to live gigs and festivals, as well as currently learning guitar. She also loves the Spanish culture and has travelled around Spain working and mastering her Spanish.