David Godleman

David is a skilled WordPress Front-End Developer with over 5 years commercial development experience leading a diverse range of projects both as a freelancer and within a digital agency environment. His experience includes projects for high-profile clients such as an airline, big-name music personalities, and SME startups, as well as regular feature and support work. Over the years he’s worked with a variety of CMS’s, using Sass and Gulp, and he favours clean modular Block Element Modifier style and markup principles. He’s also a fan of GIT version control and the Adobe Creative Suite. David remembers the dark days before version controlled web development and regularly marvels at how we coped back then!

David feels like WordPress has always been around, which is a testament to the proliferation of the CMS. His favourite thing about WordPress is how end-user-friendly the user interface has become and how large the WordPress development community is surrounding it.

David’s tech interests span to music technology and instruments – he’s especially interested in classic analogue synthesisers.