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One of the best things about working at Pragmatic is that you don’t always have to work at Pragmatic. The obvious question here is why would you not want to be working at Pragmatic? With their snack cupboard, bottomless milk and party tunes it’s a home from home right?

Right. However, in addition to all the bakewell flapjacks you can eat, Pragmatic has a great flexi-time system that means from time to time we can finish early (or start late) and make the time up later in the week. This has been really handy for me as I volunteer once a week with Brighton based art group Art in Mind. Art in Mind’s mission is to raise awareness of and reduce social stigma surrounding mental health issues, as well as deliver training and workshops to various groups in the city.

As well as the flexibility in allowing me to attend the group, Pragmatic generously donates half my time. This means that I don’t have to make up the full time  I take off work for the group. Regular flexi-time is a rare treat in itself but to be supported like this on top is pretty special.

So without further ado (whatever that is) I’d like to share a short animation I made with Art in Mind. The idea was to create an abstract animation to accompany someone’s story of self-harm and finding ways to replace it with more positive things.  (click through to vimeo to see in HD)

If you like the stop motion animation style present in this video and would like to discuss us at Pragmatic making you something similar please get in touch!

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