Pragmatic is a Brighton-based web agency specialising in WordPress that’s transforming the way that companies operate online, across the nation and around the world.

We’re now one of the UK’s biggest non-distributed WordPress agencies. Cool!


We’re Pragmatic by name, pragmatic by nature.

Your website needs to reflect your business objectives and priorities – every page and feature must justify its existence and cost.

A good website is never finished. Our WordPress specialists build for iteration and put value on maintaining flexibility and agility; leveraging the power of the WordPress ecosystem for your benefit.

Meet the Team

We’re young, vibrant and passionate about our work. Come and join us. We’re hiring.


  • David Lockie

    Founder & Director

    David Lockie is the Founder and Director of Pragmatic which he set up in January 2012 after freelancing as a WordPress Developer for a number of years.

    David loves delivering websites that add value to businesses and organisations and has been invited to speak at international conferences WordCamp and WordSesh, sharing his insights on becoming a successful WordPress freelancer and revealing how WordPress can save the world.

    As Director of Pragmatic he enjoys finding interesting and exciting work for the team, helping the team develop their skills and to care for their well-being. That in turn ensures Pragmatic are doing the very best for its clients and partners. He is proud to work with such a great team and fantastic clients, helping them to grow over the years.

    Outside of Pragmatic, David is into CrossFit, reading, cycling, whisky and travelling.

  • James Morrison

    Senior WordPress Developer

    A self-taught Web Developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress, James has a wealth of experience in building WordPress themes and plugins. Since being at Pragmatic he has migrated 250 sites to WordPress hosting system WP Engine.

    Formerly a freelance WordPress Developer, his clients included Pragmatic before we hired him as Head of Support and the first permanent member of David’s team in Spring 2012. James has since moved into a Senior WordPress Developer role where he builds on his technical knowledge on a daily basis creating custom functionality into our clients' websites.

  • Chris Dunne

    Front-End Developer & Designer

    Formerly a freelance digital designer working mostly with video and motion graphics, Chris Dunne joined Pragmatic in the summer of 2013.

    As a Front-End Developer and Designer he works closely with our clients translating their ideas into websites and supporting them on an ongoing basis. Chris particularly enjoys when a project involves working on a site, logo and branding at the same time, finding it incredibly rewarding to design something aesthetically pleasing and functional and then making it a reality.

    In his spare time, Chris loves music and animation and trying to combine the two, with mixed results!

  • Tom Barrett

    Team Leader

    Tom joined Pragmatic in March 2014 as a Senior Developer. He progressed into a Team Leader role in 2015. Tom is responsible for leading most of the heavy back end programming that makes our websites work.

    Tom is a bit of a serious software sensei (did we mention he also speaks Japanese?) and you’re most likely to find him methodically cruising through lines of code, producing wonderful online applications and environments. Tom works behind the scenes, creating the magic that allows our clients to use, navigate and edit their WordPress websites quickly and easily themselves.

    Always looking to push forward the world of WordPress, Tom is a star when it comes to the development of niche themes and regularly attends WordPress conferences (WordCamps) and local WordUps - in fact that’s where he bumped into Pragmatic.

    Outside of work Tom likes to keep healthy at a local Cross Fit gym and is part of the BBC Trust's South East Audience Panel. He likes to spend time at home with his wife and daughter, and their ginger cat, Woody.

  • Tom Chute

    Team Leader

    Like Pragmatic’s illustrious leader David, Tom Chute comes from an environmental background. Working on various campaigns with strong online elements, Tom used the power of online communications, specifically WordPress, to reach large audiences. Tom joined Pragmatic in March 2014, bringing a broad range of project management, design, marketing and communications experience, gained working in the public and private sector. Working directly with our local, national and international clients, Tom’s role is to help turn their ideas for a website into reality and support them during every step of the process. Outside of work, Tom maintains strong links with community projects focused on sustainable living. He produces music with a number of bands and saw his third release on Beatport reach the heady heights of number 11 in the House chart. He is also a sun worshipper who makes an annual trip to South America, and can sometimes be found frolicking in the Nevada desert at Burning Man festival.

  • Angelo Giovino

    Head of Sales

    As head of sales at Pragmatic, Angelo Giovino loves talking to our clients and helping them find the best, most economical solutions for often tricky problems relating to their websites.

    With a background in the oil and gas accounting and contractor sector, Angelo joined Pragmatic in the summer of 2014 and since then has enjoyed watching many a project grow from an initial, often vague idea into a fully-functioning, money-making website.

    Outside of work he is kept busy bringing up a beautiful baby daughter with his partner. He also loves cooking, playing slide guitar and reading what at first glance appear to be quite boring books about geo-strategic politics.

  • Michael Bailey

    Senior Developer

    After running his own web development business for a number of years, Michael Bailey was talked into joining the Pragmatic team in the spring of 2014 by our persuasive director David Lockie.

    As senior web developer his work is a balance of account management (looking after clients), project management (looking after projects and project teams) and web development (writing awesome code).

    His favourite part of his role at Pragmatic is writing code, in particular front-end coding (the bits you can see and interact with directly). He also enjoys working with clients and making sure projects are pain free, on time and on budget.

    When he's not at work he loves spending time with his son Noah and practices meditation & yoga.

  • Tom Still

    Team Leader

    As a skilled WordPress developer with a degree in Web Design and special accreditation in HCI (Human Computer Interaction), he brings lots of design, user experience, front-end development, and of course, WordPress knowledge to the Pragmatic party. Primarily involved in designing and building websites, Tom’s role encompasses a broad spectrum of what we do; lots of front-end development, building of WordPress themes (and the occasional plugin).

    Tom is a bit of an ale anorak, so enjoys hunting out all the weird and wonderful blends he can find, as well as brewing his own ales.

  • Ian Pugh

    Support Manager

    Ian taught English around the world for a number of years including time in Japan and Poland before returning to the UK.

    He became interested in WordPress after setting up an English-teaching website using WordPress and Sensei.

    Ian joined Pragmatic Web in January 2015 as Operations Support and is now Support Manager where one of his responsibilities is looking after Pragmatic clients' sites as well as helping to ensure the smooth running of Pragmatic on a daily basis.

    A keen cyclist who loves travelling (and returning to India whenever he can), Ian has recently taken up scuba-diving.

  • Zain Bador

    WordPress Developer

    Zain joined us in January 2015, bringing development skills to the team. Having worked with WordPress since version 2.2, Zain has experience in front and back end development, and has experience building a premium WordPress plugin.

    Zain’s favourite part about his role is problem solving and providing contextually appropriate solutions.

    In his spare time Zain is a Conversational Therapist and NLP Life Coach, helping people overcome their phobias. He also loves to unwind, and enjoys the thrill of dancing the tango in the evenings.

  • Adam Hollister

    WordPress Developer

    Since joining the team in April 2015, Adam has brought a fresh eye for clean and practical design to the team.

    A self-taught WordPress Developer, Adam was first drawn to design development when he created an aesthetically pleasing icon pack application for Android called Flat Candy. Since then he has enjoyed furthering his coding skills to web development, and now thoroughly enjoys working in the WordPress platform.

    As a BIMM graduate, Adam is a developer by day and a musician by night.

  • Sam Bull

    WordPress Developer

    A Brighton local, Sam joined in May 2015 and has been working on improving the tools we use. He advanced his passion for development when he built a Bitcoin client for Ubuntu Touch in 2013.

    With a degree in Computer Sciences, Sam brings a range of useful skills to the team. Since starting at Pragmatic he has worked on automating our project set up procedures. His biggest achievement to date here has been building a password-protected area of a WordPress child theme that required private member access.

    As well as working at Pragmatic, Sam is also working towards a part-time Masters in Computer Sciences at Sussex. He lets his hair down in the evenings learning the steps of Latin, ballroom and swing dancing, and enjoys playing a variety of different computer games.

  • Tom Doidge

    Web Designer

    Since joining Pragmatic in August 2015, Tom has brought dynamic design skills to the team. With a BA in Graphic Design, his strengths and passions lie in making websites look beautiful. He has expertise in creating concepts and fully responsive interfaces through wireframes, prototypes and by building responsive, mobile-first websites. Before joining our team, Tom worked as a Web Designer with over six years industry experience. When he’s not busy making interfaces look pretty, Tom enjoys living in the countryside and has an interest in pre-digital design, particularly linotype.

  • Ryan Golds

    Lead Support Developer

    Ryan joined the Pragmatic team in August 2015 as a WordPress Developer and in September 2016 transitioned into our Lead Support Developer. Before joining Pragmatic, he developed an interest in WordPress while working as a Web Developer at a local college for seven years.

    Ryan brings expertise in WordPress theme reworks, bug fixes, knowledge and experience in importing vast amounts of data from other CMSs into WordPress, as well as front end development skills to the team. His greatest achievement to date at Pragmatic has included building his first WordPress plugin for an education organisation.

    Ryan is a keen traveller, having spent a 3-week trip exploring America before joining our team. Outside of work you’ll catch Ryan watching football and basketball, and planning his next trip abroad.

  • Amy Slade

    Project Director

    Amy joined our team in September 2015, bringing some much-needed organisation to our team. She has extensive experience gained in Project and Account Management roles since 2005. Amy is super organised by nature. She lives off of to-do lists and dreams in spreadsheets. Amy’s fantastic at keeping our developers and designers in check, helping deliver our client projects on time and on budget. When Amy’s out of the office, she enjoys walks along the seafront or in the countryside with her family.

  • Romy Viflic

    Trainee WordPress Developer

    Romy joined us in October 2015 as a Trainee WordPress Developer and is currently learning the ropes from our Senior Web Developers. Romy has a degree in Illustration, knowledge about building websites specifically for artists, and brings experience in the Visual Arts to our team, an area she worked in for many years before joining Pragmatic.

    Romy developed an interest in web development while writing a blog documenting her time in Paris, where she lived for a few months. Curious as to how she could get her blog to look and perform better, she started editing the code to create more control over the formatting. Romy has a thirst for knowledge and has been working hard teaching herself the basics through online tutorials, and attending web building conferences and workshops.

    When she’s not in the office, Romy enjoys the great outdoors and a good walk in the glorious Sussex countryside, but equally likes keeping cosy at home with a good book and cup of tea on a dreary day!

  • Juan Javier Moreno Restituto

    WordPress Developer

    Juan joined us as a WordPress Developer in November 2015. He works remotely for us in Seville, Spain where he contributes to his local WordPress community. Before joining Pragmatic, Juan was a freelance WordPress developer working with various agencies in Spain.

    Juan’s specialism lies in front-end development, where he enjoys creating dynamic custom WordPress themes with bespoke functionality. He first discovered a passion for web development in 1999 when he worked in the web industry building websites from scratch. As the technology evolved, Juan enthusiastically kept up with the trends. Juan was first introduced to WordPress in 2009 when he was looking for an open source CMS that would best support a professional blog for his client. He has been working exclusively with WordPress ever since version 3.0 in 2010.

    Outside of work, Juan can be found enjoying long walks in the Spanish countryside, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or spending time with his two young children.

  • Gemma Eastwood

    Financial Controller

    Gemma is our Financial Controller. She performs all our general accounting duties, which includes maintaining our financial records and keeping track of our accounts.

    Before joining Pragmatic, Gemma spent ten years working in project management and online marketing, both client and agency side. Gemma's career began in finance however, where she gained her Association of Accounting Technician qualifications. After over five years in finance and various different positions working on web builds, e-commerce sites and advertising campaigns, Gemma has now come full circle and is happy back working in finance with her number crunching hat on.

    Gemma’s done her fair share of travelling and is a big people person who loves spending time with family and friends. She enjoys hiking, swimming, and cycling.

  • Michael Rochester


    Michael joined us as a Graduate WordPress Developer in November 2015 and progressed into a WordPress Developer six months later. He hails from Sheffield and has a degree in Computer Science, which he studied locally at Sussex Uni. Enjoying the buzzing digital scene here in Brighton, he decided to stay South and begin a career in Web Development. Michael spent the past few years before joining us building websites from scratch. Michael likes how advanced and custom WordPress can be while maintaining an extremely simple first-time setup. At home, Michael loves coding and has a genuine passion for building programs and tools that make computers easier to use. Since graduating university in 2015, he’s been developing an Operating System in his spare time that follows on from his dissertation project. Michael is also a big fan of computer gaming, both playing and developing.

  • Jacob Wilson

    Office Junior

    Jacob is working towards a one-year apprenticeship with us as an Office Junior. His time is split between our support, HR and marketing teams where he is developing his knowledge and skills in Digital Media.

    Before joining Pragmatic, Jacob gained work experience working in a busy cafe and for a local magazine publisher. Both of these positions built his skills in customer service and writing for the web, which has prepared him for working in our fast-paced WordPress specialist agency.

    Outside of the office, Jacob’s interests lie in astrophysics, astrology, critical theorists, and cigars.

  • Summer Parmenter-Andrews

    Project Manager

    Summer is in regular communication with our clients. She keeps them up to date with project progress and helps ensure projects are completed to deadline and within budget. Before joining Pragmatic, Summer was a Project Manager at a local web design agency where she worked hard to introduce new company procedures and documentation to aid their project processes.

    Summer has a creative digital background and has taken a junior web design course to improve her knowledge of the web, which has helped aid her in her Project Management role. She’s always looking to improve in Project Management and is looking forwards to taking a PRINCE2 Project Management course later this year. Her first experience with WordPress was in 2013 when she found it as a suitable platform for her clients websites. Summer loves how diverse and easy to use WordPress is, which she finds especially apparent when it comes to handing a new website over to a client.

    Summer spends her time out of the office with her two cats, border collie and rabbit. Travelling, festivals and music are her passions, and she hopes to volunteer in a big cat sanctuary in Mexico someday.

  • Bryony Seal

    Project Manager

    Bryony ensures her projects are kept on track and to budget while meeting our clients needs. She makes sure all work is scheduled with our developers and designers, ensuring they’re happy, and their workload is manageable. Bryony brings to the team experience of working in an international Digital Marketing agency, where she managed projects across various platforms on the web.

    Bryony has completed both PRINCE2 Practitioner courses, and an Agile Scrum Master course.

    Out of work Bryony, like all seals is graceful in the water. She’s in the local synchronised swimming team the Brighton Dolphins where she performs in shows and regularly competes nationally and globally in the sport. When she’s not swimming Bryony can be found cycling or on world-wide adventures.

  • Sean Blakeley

    Senior WordPress Developer

    Sean has a passion for helping clients achieve and exceed their aims. He developed his very first website back in 1998, with inline CSS and the obligatory Flash film intro (obviously he apologises for that now).

    It was 2006 when Sean first worked with WordPress, and he instantly fell in love with its simplicity and flexibility. A few brief dalliances with other CMS made him appreciate just how powerful and user-friendly WordPress is in comparison. After travelling to Central America, where he met his wife, he made the easy decision to focus exclusively on WordPress, and since developed over 50 websites before he joined our team in February 2016. Sean’s favourite feature about WordPress is how quickly and easily anyone can get a website up and running.

    Before Sean developed WordPress websites, he use to work in the film industry sculpting models and sets for Hollywood Blockbusters including Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and Harry Potter II.

    Sean loves spending time with his little girl, a good pint of bitter, and eating his wife's delicious food. Occasionally, he gets to enjoy them all at once!

  • Lauren Drinkwater

    Office & HR Manager

    Lauren is the mother hen of the office, ensuring all her chicks have everything they need to be happy and productive. Always looking to improve her skills in HR, she’s currently working towards her Level 3 CIPD Human Resources and aims to move onto her Level 5 (which is degree level) in 2017.

    Lauren runs an illustrated lifestyle WordPress blog with her sister where they show their lives through illustration. Lauren was drawn to use WordPress for its ease of use and the variety of themes available. She finds the extensive WordPress community extremely helpful and welcoming to users of all experience levels.

    When Lauren isn’t at the office or working on her blog, she enjoys walks on the South Downs National Park, listening to Billie Holiday, baking and sipping peppermint tea.

  • David Godleman

    Front-End Developer

    David is a skilled WordPress Front-End Developer with over 5 years commercial development experience leading a diverse range of projects both as a freelancer and within a digital agency environment. His experience includes projects for high-profile clients such as an airline, big-name music personalities, and SME startups, as well as regular feature and support work. Over the years he's worked with a variety of CMS's, using Sass and Gulp, and he favours clean modular Block Element Modifier style and markup principles. He's also a fan of GIT version control and the Adobe Creative Suite. David remembers the dark days before version controlled web development and regularly marvels at how we coped back then!

    David feels like WordPress has always been around, which is a testament to the proliferation of the CMS. His favourite thing about WordPress is how end-user-friendly the user interface has become and how large the WordPress development community is surrounding it.

    David's tech interests span to music technology and instruments - he's especially interested in classic analogue synthesisers.

  • Laura Nelson

    Marketing Executive

    Laura helps our clients get the most out of their expertly built WordPress websites. Her head is usually buried in analytics, which she uses to identify ways in which we can further improve conversions. She's also on hand to advise on email marketing, social media, and content strategy having trained both local businesses and worldwide corporations in these areas.

    Before joining Pragmatic, Laura gained a 1st in her Media Studies degree from Brighton University. She has since developed in-house and agency digital marketing and content experience at local firms that were big fans of WordPress. These experiences have given her a really good understanding of the processes and challenges involved at each end of a project.

    Laura first used WordPress to host her blog on videogames back in 2010, but has been working with it professionally since 2012. Laura loves how scalable it is, and how easily you can integrate all of your other digital marketing products (such as MailChimp) with it.

    Outside of work, Laura is a Star Wars super fan. She loves video games (the older the better) and owns an impressive collection of board games. She also enjoys time away from a screen with crafts, baking cakes, and the occasional gin.

  • Nic Fusciardi

    WordPress Developer

    Nic designs, develops in WordPress, as well as conducting A/B tests to improve our clients' conversions. Nic joined us with over 6 years professional experience working with WordPress in a web agency environment. Before he got hooked on WordPress, Nic studied Motorsport Engineering at the University of Brighton which fuelled his car enthusiasm.

    Nic likes how WordPress enables developers of all levels to work on a project together.

    When Nic isn't at work he can be found at the gym, skateboard, snowboarding or gaming.

  • Phil Ward

    WordPress Developer

    Phil is our resident pro wrestling Web Developer. Phil got into web development in his teens when he used to build websites on his home computer. This gradually built his confidence in complex web development, which encouraged him to give professional web development a go in 2008 after completing his Classics degree at the University of Warwick. Since then, he's worked in a variety of in-house and agency environments and even worked freelance before joining our team in July 2016.

    Phil started using WordPress in 2013 for his freelance web development projects. Phil loves building custom functionality into WordPress. He's really excited about the Rest API which will help push WordPress as an application framework.

    Phil is a professional wrestler, and he plays and coaches rugby. When he's out of the ring and the pitch, Phil loves to read business development books and fantasy fiction, with ambitions to write his own fantasy novel one day.

  • Shah Qureshi

    WordPress Developer

    Shah is a Back-End and Front-End WordPress Developer. He spent his first few years as a developer developing business apps for the petroleum industry before running his own business building WordPress websites. Shah has achieved a BSc Human Environmental Sciences from King's College London and an MSc Computer Sciences from the University of North London.

    Shah first started working with Wordpress over 7 years ago when he ran his own business. Shah enjoys the multi-skill set required to develop sites and the inclusive nature of the Wordpress industry.

    Shah has travelled extensively across Europe, the US and Asia. When he isn't jetting off to a new destination, he enjoys exercising and spending time with his wife, 5-year-old son and their close family and friends.

  • Rita Cottrell

    Project Manager

    Rita has over eight years experience in Digital Project Management.

  • Simon Cooke

    Marketing Director

    Simon offers strategic advice and planning to our customers on all aspects of Digital Marketing. He develops and maintains the company’s own on and offline marketing strategy and provides leadership and support to our marketing team.

    Simon has a degree in Graphic Communications and over 20 years experience with in the design industry. In 2002 Simon co-founded Republique Design, which initially operated as an offline agency offering services such as branding, advertising, and brochure design before gradually evolving into WordPress web development. At this point, Simon established BrightonWP, with both organisations going on to successfully attract big name global clients. Simon led the marketing for both Republique and BrightonWP since their inception and has spent the last five years offering marketing strategy and implementation services on behalf of their clients. Both Republique and BrightonWP have since become part of Pragmatic.

    Simon first worked with WordPress in 2010 when he was testing out various CMSs to offer to his clients. It was the simplicity of administration and flexibility of design that swung WordPress for him. Although his focus now is in digital marketing, Simon will always have a passion for design, and he feels honoured to be part of the explosion of creativity that's grown around WordPress over the past few years.

    Outside of work, Simon enjoys life drawing and oil painting portraiture. He can’t get enough of Pinterest and is an obsessive Basketball fan.

  • Richard Copping

    Creative Director

    As Creative Director Richard brings a lot of design direction to our team. He assists everyone on anything and everything design related. Richard has over 15 years design industry experience and has worked in D&AD awarded agencies in London and Sydney. Before joining our team, he was Creative Director at the boutique creative agency Republique, which he co-founded in 2005 and we recently acquired this summer.

    Richard first encountered WordPress over 10 years ago when he started blogging about design. He loves the ever evolving landscape of WordPress and how it always inspires him of what's visually possible.

    When he's not at the office Richard spends his free time surfing our grey South Coast seas and most things to do with music or art.

  • Claire Montgomery

    Marketing Manager

    Claire works within the Marketing Team managing a range of exciting new projects across design and branding, events, social media, blogs, and email newsletters amongst other things. Before joining Pragmatic, Claire worked as the Designer and Social Media Manager at Republique, which we acquired in August 2016. Claire has a Communication Design degree from Brighton University and over 5 years experience working design within a WordPress agency. Claire first worked with WordPress whilst on work experience at Republique back in 2009. She enjoys its flexibility in terms of being able to easily interpret designs within it and being able to add a range of plugins to enhance its functionality. She also likes how easy it is for clients to login and edit their own content. Outside of Pragmatic, Claire volunteers as a Brighton Etsy Team Leader and runs The Fairy Tale Fair, a local craft fair aimed at supporting local makers. She also runs her own online shop and has her own laser cut jewellery business too - both full of cute and quirky things. When she's not getting creative she enjoys walks on the beach on a sunny day, or curling up with a hot chocolate and her cat Buddy on a rainy day!

  • Edd Hurst

    WordPress Developer

    Edd moved from the Cornish coast to the beautiful beaches of Brighton to join Pragmatic. Before joining us he was worked at an agency in Cornwall in a similar position, leading the development effort, liaising with clients and generally being the technical problem solver.

    Edd started his journey with WordPress over seven years ago as a purely Front-End Developer working alongside designers and back-end developers. He now enjoys now bridging the gap between front-end and back-end development. He likes the flexibility that WordPress allows, and relishes the opportunity to twist it in new and exciting ways.

    Outside of work, Edd is also a Marine Mammal Medic, meaning that any time a cetacean is stranded nearby he can go and help with the rescue effort. He can also be found playing the saxophone and enjoys going rock climbing, though rarely at the same time.

  • Jasper Cheyney

    Web Designer

    Jasper is a Web Designer who works in everything from Visual to Interaction Design. Jasper joins us as part of the merge with Republique, who we acquired in August 2016.

    Jasper's perfectionism is what first drew him to design. For him, everything has to be pixel perfect. He likes to make designs that you can use without thinking about. He has a degree in Digital Design, which he gained locally from the University of Brighton. It was there that he first started using WordPress as a blog to track his evidence on all his projects progress. His first thought of it was that it was very intuitive to use and he likes how it allows people of all skills to edit it easily.

    Outside of work Jasper is a gym bunny and his passion for design carries on into his everyday life where he enjoys designing and photography.

  • Callum Harrod

    WordPress Developer

    Callum is a WordPress Developer who helps us build, maintain and further develops sites. Callum has been developing websites since he was ten when he use to create sites to host his own videos. This passion for website development grew with age and is what drove him to gain a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Brighton and set off his career in web development. Before he joined us he gained experience in WordPress development at a local branding agency based in Lewes. Callum's development skills stretches beyond the web however, as he's also won the nationwide game development competition 'Codebreaker 2012'.

    Callum first worked with WordPress professionally in 2014 as part of his Computer Science course and has loved it ever since! His favourite aspect of WordPress is the community behind it who are always on hand for support and encourage further development.

    Outside of work Callum loves making his own websites or games at home! He also enjoys catching the train up to London to go exploring.

  • Lee McGeever

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Lee is our Quality Assurance Manager. He's in charge of all things quality related at Pragmatic. Previously Lee was Head of Quality Assurance for a local software company and has been involved with testing and quality for over 17 years.

    Lee's married with 2 children and 2 dogs (he can't tell you which of those is the better behaved). He's a keen cyclist and runner, so when Lee's not breaking software you'll probably find him clad in Lycra running or cycling in the lanes of Sussex.

    As a tester you need a thick skin so if Lee was an animal he'd be an armadillo because he's actually a softy underneath that hard shell.

  • Stephane Nicolas

    Support Developer

    Stephane joined us as a Support Developer. With a great deal of experience under his belt from 8 years of freelance web development, he will certainly be a huge asset to Pragmatic’s already extensive collective WordPress experience.

    Having been working in web design since 1999, Stephane has progressed through a number of reputable companies in both London and Brighton. First learning about WordPress in 2008, he rapidly realised the benefits of the open source CMS, and loved the community and sharing mentality around it.

    Outside of work, Stephane loves arts and crafts, travelling, animals, and cooking. As well as dabbling in Aromatherapy.

  • Duncan Travis

    Project Manager

    Duncan works closely with our clients and internal teams to ensure our projects are completed on time and within budget. He has extensive experience gained in Project Management and Account Management roles in digital agencies, advertising, and open source software development companies.

    Duncan's life organisations skills are what lead him to work within Project Management. He's super organised in his personal life and has a talent for ensuring friends and family are in the right place at the right time.

    Duncan is a keen gym goer who is passionate about anything car or motorbike related. He loves socialising with friends and has a weakness for good food and coffee.

  • Sarah Strachan

    Project Manager

    Sarah ensures projects run to plan and ensures everyone is kept in the loop both internally and externally. She's a Scrum certified Product Manager and has experience setting up processes and documentation to ensure the smooth running of projects and project teams. Sarah's previously worked for a multinational marketing company and is familiar with running projects across many stakeholders across multiple territories.

    Sarah's familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce, having chosen the platform to build her own sewing classes website. She was surprised by how versatile WordPress was and how quick she was able to get the basics up and running. Sarah has a keen interest in programming and has built her own to-do list web app teaching herself JavaScript, Node JS and CSS along the way.

    When she's not at the office Sarah loves to make things. She's a wiz on the sewing machine and can make all kinds of clothing and homewares. Her most challenging project to date is designing and constructing her own wedding dress.

  • Nick Blake

    Junior WordPress Developer

    Nick studied a Computer Science degree locally at Sussex Univeristy. He's originally from East Grinstead but moved down to Brighton after falling in love with the culture and lifestyle whilst he was here studying.

    Nick first discovered WordPress when he was looking for a CMS to power a website he was building for a web app. Feeling inspired by the possibilities of WordPress, Nick swiftly found himself searching for new career opportunities in WordPress Development, which lead to him joining our team as a Junior WordPress Developer. Nick is learning both front-end and back-end development from our Senior Developers and helps us build websites for our clients.

    Nick enjoys cooking (chocolate truffles are his favourite to make), eclectic music and playing the guitar.

  • Claire Maher

    Project Manager

    Claire joins us as a Project Manager.

  • Georgia Cottle

    Trainee WordPress Developer

    Georgia joined us to learn more about WordPress and train to become a fully-fledged developer. She works closely with many of our lead Developers, aiding and learning along the way. Introduced to Brighton through her degree in Maths and Economics at Sussex University, Georgia feels very much at home with the problem-solving world of WordPress, and is looking forward to learning more about it in one of her favourite cities.

    Georgia first learnt about Wordpress while working for a vintage boutique camping business, where she got her first taste of web building. Falling in love with the extensive customisation available through plugins and themes, her desire to learn more about WordPress, and the coding behind it, drove her to seek out a new career in web development.

    Outside of work Georgia loves the music scene, going to live gigs and festivals, as well as currently learning guitar. She also loves the Spanish culture and has travelled around Spain working and mastering her Spanish.

  • Carmine Colicino

    WordPress Developer

    Carmine is a WordPress developer, joining our development team in building and maintaining websites for our clients. Graduating from the University of Salerno in 2015 with a Bachelor degree in Computer science, and moved on to work as a researcher for the University of Brighton. Falling in love with the city and the people in the process. He plans to return after a brief stint working remotely for us in Italy.

    Since becoming a fully fledged developer, Carmine further honed his experience at a website design agency in Italy. Before his qualification, he first used WordPress in 2012, where he realised the unlimited customisation possibilities made it the stand out option for website design.

    While at home, Carmine is a keen sportsman, practising and competing in triathlons, as well as playing football. To wind down he enjoys nothing better than a glass of wine and good food.

  • José Arcos

    WordPress Developer

    José is an experienced WordPress Developer and prolific coder. Starting programming at the age of 12 for a hobby, he now has experience with several esteemed WordPress agencies, coding has become more poetry than work to him.

    Having previously worked for a Scandinavian media company, José is well versed in creating high-quality work for high-profile customers, while also knowing a good deal about client interaction and feedback through his two years as a Freelancer. His first experience with WordPress was while creating his own website in 2008. Since then his programming skills have grown parallel to the WordPress CMS’s development.

    Outside of work, José enjoys sports, particularly football and swimming. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends around their outdoor BBQ.

  • You!

    WordPress Developer

    Are you a WordPress developer? Join the Pragmatic team. Image from Pixabay

Why WordPress?

We’re a WordPress-centric web agency because we believe that WordPress is the pragmatic platform of choice for most websites: the world agrees – it’s extremely popular. It’s central to our business and we’re clear on why that is.


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Why Pragmatic?

WordPress’ popularity means that there’s a huge number of WordPress suppliers out there. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it a wild west: it’s an unregulated industry with no widely-acknowledged qualifications or accreditations. You’ll find everyone from freelancers to traditional media agencies offering WordPress websites.


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